Treasuring the Small Beautiful Moments of Life

Life is so complex and it’s made up of these millions of little moments – we need to be able to appreciate each of these. Everyone knows that as you get older, time goes by faster and faster. That’s more reason to take pleasure in the smaller things that make up your life.

It’s so easy to get lost in work, cleaning, cooking, arguing, talking etc that you just miss the gist of it all. I don’t think I really understood it until it actually began happening to me. It seemed like there would be moments that pass quickly and other moments that would drag on forever.

Though we know how important the little stuff is, it’s still hard to stop your mind and enjoy it. Otherwise life will pass just too quickly. Right now, I feel as though just yesterday I was a little girl going to school.

And of course there will be times in our lives that we might want to just forget but I still think that both small and big stuff should be treasured just the same. And now, as time seems to flow so fast I can’t get hold of it, I know I need to pause and savour all the little things that could so easily be lost forever if I don’t take a moment to cherish them. And, instead of striving to be like other people, we need to appreciate our own pace and learning process.

For example, when I focus on the present, I enjoy doing work a whole lot more. I always have to remind myself to focus on what I’m working on in the moment and just not worry about the final result. And then, while the big milestones stand out, it’s surprising how impactful all the little steps of the process have been.