What’s Up with all my Home Appliances Breaking Lately??

I don’t know if this happened to someone, but it happened to me just a few weeks ago. I was cleaning up my kitchen, and I put the dishes in a dishwasher. I pressed the start button, and nothing happened. It just didn’t start. Now, the disappointment wouldn’t be so huge if I didn’t buy the dishwasher, five years ago. I was told that they can work without a problem for at least ten years. It had a warranty period of five years, so I couldn’t just call the service to repair it. I unloaded the dirty dishes, washed them in the sink, grumbled for a while, and then called the repairman to fix it. He fixed the dishwasher and I moved on as usual.

I would have forgotten the entire ordeal, but a week later, the unthinkable happened. I was packing some leftovers from dinner and then turned on the garbage disposal. The water, combined with the garbage, started to rise and fill the kitchen sink. I turned it off immediately and checked the appliance under the sink. It leaked, of course. I bought the garbage disposal at about the same time as the dishwasher, when I moved to Brownsville TX. I found the receipt and the warranty card and guess what. The warranty period has passed.

Later I thought how I am not the only one that had this type of disastrous chain reaction. I hear this happens a lot with the car batteries. After two or three years, when the warranty period passes, they just stop working.

Is it possible that these products are made to break after the warranty period? Just think about it. How many times has this happened to you, and not just with the electrical appliances in your home? In my case, it was garbage disposal and a dishwasher. Is it possible that these appliances are made to work only a certain period of time, after which they break and you are sometimes forced to buy a new one? Maybe it’s just bad luck, but it is very unfortunate when more than one appliance breaks in a row.